WannaCry ransomware protection advice

  • Update Microsoft Windows by downloading MS17-010 security update that closes this vulnerability.
    Since you should not trust anyone when it comes to malware, we suggest that you update your Windows through the official Microsoft website by going to your start button, typing Windows update in the box, and then following the instructions.

Why use BaQapp Vaulted, Versioned and Verified storage?

  • Vaulted means your backups cannot be corrupted by ransomware because they are 'hardened' and stored safely.
  • Versioned means that many periodic backups are stored, so it will be possible to find an older clean backup that can be used for recovery.
  • Verified means that there is independent notification if backups have been missed, and reminds you to check restoration regularly.

Backups that are NOT safe from ransomware!

  • Attached USB thumb and 'mapped' drives (drives with a letter D,E etc) are NOT SAFE from ransomware.
  • Network file shares or even cloud drives that appear as network drives are NOT SAFE from ransomware.
  • Other connected computers that are on the network will also be infected.
  • Windows volume shadow copies (VSS) or System Restore functions you might otherwise deploy as backup can be deleted or encrypted by ransomware.

Let's compare BaQapp to some other popular backup products

Vaulting - Versioning - Verifying

  • Vaulted backups protected from ransomware
  • Versioned backups ensure recovery
  • Verified backups ensure that backups are made
  • Automated regular backups

Backup will protect you from ransomware extortion, hardware failure, theft and destruction, but only if you do it right, and that means proper secure BaQapp backup that is Vaulted, Versioned, Verified and automated.


What is BaQapp?

BaQapp is a backup application or program that comes with its own hardened and vaulted Debian Linux operating system that ensures that the created backups are protected from malware and ransomware.
BaQapp can be downloaded to create a low cost powerful NAS backup appliance for x64 processors or VM and is also available a pre-configured Ready-to-Run appliance.

BaQapp will protect your data, systems, software and settings over multiple PCs and servers, for just one low fixed cost.
All BaQapp systems offer the independent optional BaQapp monitoring service.

Download BaQapp-x64 for x64 processors or BaQapp-VM for Virtual Machines to protect unlimited endpoints for a 30 day no cost trial or the BaQappBoxx-LC and BaQappBoxx-i3 are available as a ready to run, low cost network backup appliances.

Why BaQapp is Better?

Although there are many network backup systems, before BaQapp there were no simple, affordable systems with the features and security of BaQapp for individuals and small to medium businesses.

BaQapp is the improved and supported backup solution based on open source German UrBackup. Since 2011, UrBackup has been translated into multiple languages and used in over 21,000 networks worldwide, including the U.S.Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

BaQapp Special Features Include:

  • vaulted insulated backup storage security
  • versioning
  • verifying through monitoring / Back-to-Base reporting
  • multiple endpoints at no extra cost
  • compression that saves storage space
  • deduplication that makes backup faster
  • encryption
  • error correction
  • both file and image backups
  • RAID
  • global controls and reports
  • preconfigured installation
  • reasonable cost

About BaQapp Vaulting and Safety

The BaQapp endpoint App backs up files and disk images, over the LAN to its local Debian Linux BaQapp server.

BaQapp insulates and protects your data from ransomware through hardened vaulted storage and does NOT use mapped drives that easily permit malware infection.
This "hardened" OS environment plus BaQapp's' unique network protocol that backs up files using Debian Linux, provides a different OS environment making it extremely unlikely that ransomware's will be able to deliver their "payload" or attack your backups.
BaQapp keeps your data safely by limiting access much like having a room with no windows and only a secure locked door to which only you have the key.

BaQapp encrypts backup data so that your backup data can ONLY be accessed through your network using your password.

Baqapp Safety


  • Backup vaulted and protected from ransomware
  • Automatically encrypted backup storage
  • Backup protection from malware or user error

Data Storage

BaQapp backup data is protected from media bit rot loss having been saved with extra data for error correction, enabling automatic recovery of lost and damaged bits.

BaQapp offers de-duplication where identical files even from different endpoints are only copied once, saving storage space.

BaQapp reduces the amount of storage space required using block level deduplication, or Delta copying with only changes stored. If recovery is required the file system will combine the parts of the file to make a full restore.

BaQapp creates an image of each endpoints's hard drive, which is an exact copy of the drive that can be used to quickly and completely restore everything; settings, fonts, desktop, programs. BaQapp's default settings which are easily changed, makes an exact full image of each drive every 30 days, and then every 7 days stores only the changes, known as incremental image backups.

BaQapp stores the backups in a non-proprietary format, with the ability to restore the data using standard tools, as long as you have the encryption key.



  • Bit rot protection
  • Automatic file deduplication
  • Transparent file compression
  • Image and File backups
  • Non proprietary format

Monitoring and Reports

Unless you have monitoring of your backups by an source independent of your backup program, how will you know that your backup system is working properly. The BaQapp monitoring service generates email reports from data generated and sent by the user's BaQapp software to BaQapp's Microsoft Azure server. If your BaQapp system stops operating, users will still receive reports, noting that no reports are being received, and thus indicating that backups are not being made.

Setting up BaQapp to send you email reports is easy. Just enter your email address when installing BaQapp

Default reporting includes weekly global email reports on all the endpoints that should be backed up, drawing attention to any endpoint backups that are more than 10 days overdue by email.

For real peace of mind, if your mobile phone number is entered when configuring BaQapp, you will receive a SMS reminder if backups are a few weeks behind.

BaQapp Pty Ltd has no access to your data. The monitoring system only receives an extract of the backup report text file, which contains only the endpoints last file and image backup dates.

Monitoring for the first 90 days is FREE, thereafter $90.00 per year per BaQapp server, or as a monthly charge $11.00 per month.



  • Independent backup monitoring
  • Reports sent directly to your MSP
  • Easy reporting setup
  • Consolidated backup reports via email
  • SMS

Pre-configured with easy changes to settings

BaQapp will backup multiple endpoints, unlike many other network backup systems that can charge $50.00 and more per seat or endpoint.

Users of BaQapp can make Global settings covering all the endpoints, or customise each endpoint, or give a user access privileges to configure their own settings.

BaQappBoxx-LC and BaQappBoxx-i3 are a ready to run, low cost network backup devices, while BaQapp-x64 and BaQapp-VM can downloaded to create your own x64 PC based or Virtual Machine backup appliance.
Full functioning BaQapp-x64 and BaQapp-VM software with its secure LINUX O/S to protect endpoints can be downloaded for a 30 day trial at no cost.
All BaQapp systems include 90 days FREE monitoring then offer the optional BaQapp monitoring service.

BaQapp-i3 device


  • Multiple endpoints network backup
  • No cost per seat license
  • Global backup settings
  • Automatic centralized backup scheduling
  • Available as pre-installed device or for x64 and VM

BaQapp Network Backup Solutions

baqapp image

Buy one of our Ready to Run network backup devices, available as the
BaQappBoxx-LC at $399.00 or the BaQappBoxx-i3 at $599.00, GST incl.

BaQappBoxx-LC image
BaQappBoxx-i3 image

  • The BaQappBoxx-LC is a pre-configured low cost network backup appliance for personal and small networks.

  • The BaQappBoxx-i3 is for larger networks with Intel i3 processor.

  • Both are available with a selection of external USB hard drive(s) or use your own USB connected hard drive(s) and include 90 days free monitoring, thereafter optional monitoring at $11.00 per month.

baqapp image

BaQapp is also available as ready to run downloadable software and O/S for x64 processors and for virtual O/S with all the BaQapp data security features.

baqapp image

BaQapp-VM image

  • Download BaQapp-x64 that will run in most standard x64 PCs and is supplied its own secure LINUX O/S.

  • Download BaQapp-VM with its own secure LINUX O/S for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox and selected QNAP servers.
  • Download your selected BaQapp software for 30 days FREE TRIAL.


BaQapp is your certain defence ransomware extortion

The Numbers Tell a Story



Prior to an attack, 4 out of 5 organizations were confident backup can provide them with complete recovery


Less than half reported successfully recovering all their data from backup after ransomware attack.


of those infected by ransomware never got their data back after paying demanded ransom.


billion in Ransomware damages or more are expected worldwide in 2023, InfoSecurity reports.

BaQapp Pricing options

We have a range of pricing options that can suit any budget, with different configurations available for each of the BaQapp solutions.

baqapp image

BaQappBoxx-LC $399
BaQappBoxx-i3 $599

for bigger networks
  • The BaQappBoxx-LC is suggested for networks of less than 6 endpoints, while the BaQappBoxx-i3 is best for larger networks
  • Back up unlimited endpoints subject to hardware capacity
  • Ready to Run integrated network backup device and BaQapp software protection
  • Available to order with 1TB, 2TB 4TB or 8TB storage
  • Buy Now

baqapp image

For installation on
Virtual Machines $299
Suitable x64 PCs $299
  • Download the easy to install BaQapp network backup software with O/S for installation in your own virtual O/S or x64 PCs
  • Back up unlimited endpoints subject to hardware capacity
  • Ready to Run virtual O/S environment or installation in suitable x64 PCs with fully integrated BaQapp software protection
  • BaQapp-x64 can be installed in suitable x64 processors while BaQapp Virtual supports Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox and selected QNAP servers
  • Buy Now
  • FREE 30 day Trial of BaQapp Virtual


baqapp image

$11 per month
  • The BaQapp Monitoring system checks if your backups are current and alerts you if not.
  • Email or SMS alerts are sent when backups have not been scheduled
  • Online and phone support is available
  • $99 when paid annually (saving $33)
  • For the security of knowing that all your backups are being done, you cannot beat our monitoring service.
  • Buy Now